Alphonse is the tritagonist of Team Umizoomi.

Appearance Edit

Alphonse is at a short height. He has fair skin, brown hair, his helmet is orange with a yellow headlight, and he wears orange clothes with yellow sleeves and a spotted pattern.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • He can use his headlight to see in the dark, but also to attract and combine numbers (Arithmetic).

Trivia Edit

  • He is one of the original members of the 2008 pilot, "The Umizumiz", and his appearance was more toy-like and robotic.
  • He is voiced by Ethan Kemper, because in the original pilot he had shape powers like Geo. However, he was scrapped in favor of Geo. The fandom, however, brought him back.

Quotes Edit

”Oh no, it’s the evil cubes!”

Super Shapes! (same as Geo)

”We’ve gotta go save this place!”

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